Maximise your reservations conversion rate at the best possible yield using the most advanced pricing engine available.

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Front Desk

Helps your business deliver the quality of service your customers are paying for while ensuring no revenue potential goes untapped.

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Combines the best personalised sales features with automated self-service for your most responsive distribution channel.

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A single point of access for your traditional distribution partners that takes the headache out of round the clock reservations for small to medium operators.

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Stand out from a sea of competitors by making it a breeze for large travel distribution businesses around the globe to sell your product.

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Welcome to Platinum Ray

We offer software and consulting services to the travel and tourism sector.

Our flagship product Vibe provides a complete solution to those reselling or operating hire, rental and charter businesses. Vibe’s modular architecture means you only pay for the functions you need. It also means that Vibe can be adapted for different business models such as transport operators, travel agents, wholesalers and tour operators.

Our vision is to provide hire, rental and charter related businesses with a sophisticated software solution that puts best-of-breed technology into the hands of managers and owners.

Whether you have a fleet of tens, hundreds or thousands, or are reselling on behalf of others, Vibe has been designed to give you unprecedented control of your business. Vibe is tuned to help you drive yield, utilisation and profitability to new highs.

All Vibe Modules

Client Testimonials

I checked with the team and yes we do make bookings because we had the Alternatives button giving alternative dates. In fact we had 1 today which we managed to book a 3 part multi hire worth 9.5k! So it saves us time and helps us get bookings.

Contact Centre Manager.

The job scheduler in vibe is pretty neat. I was able to setup Flex rate file ciruculation jobs in vibe to run automatically every friday which cuts saves me 2-3 hrs every week.

Commercial Team

Latest News

Official Vibe Launch 1 October 2012 15-September-2012

Platinum Ray Pty Ltd today announced that the official launch of ‘Vibe’, a software suite for vehicle rentals, boat charter companies and travel distributors will be officially launched in Melbourne on 1 October 2012.

WE’RE HIRING 01-September-2012

Platinum Ray is growing quickly and we need skilled developers to help us keep pace. We are an Australian based company with clients around the world. We offer a best-of-breed software suite to the travel industry operators and we are looking for great developers to join us. You will have…

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