Vibe Data Feeds


Vibe Data Feeds provide the ability for Vibe to automatically push or pull data from a variety of other systems.

A wide range of data including rate plans, availability status reports, invoices, confirmations, statements and scanned documents can be automatically imported to/exported from Vibe.

Regardless of the data form or communication method, Vibe ensures that you get important data to the right places every time.

Vibe Data Feeds can be triggered by:

  • System events (e.g. whenever a certain partner makes a booking, Vibe could send their account rep an email with the details)
  • Folder/file changes (e.g. whenever a third party supplier supplier sends through their latest rate sheet, import it into our system so Vibe instantly reflects the latest prices)
  • Single occurrence (e.g. at 4:00am on 1 July send out our new rates and conditions to all our European wholesale partners)
  • Recurring schedule (e.g. at 1:00 am on the first calendar day of every month, send out our current rate table to nominated partners)
  • Manual initiation

Key Features


Scheduled updates mean Vibe provides the professional and quality service your partners expect. Whether you are providing data for others to utilise in their own systems or whether you are importing data to provide your customers and partners with the most up-to-date information possible, Vibe ensures that updates happen like clock work. Vibe will take the drudgery out of the processes and only notify you when things don't go to plan.


  • Dramatically reduces the workload for those reselling other products and services.
  • Ensures your business always delivers the updates your partners expect - on time, every time.
  • Eliminates the errors that often creep into processes that users often find tedious and complex.


Vibe Data Feeds supports a wide range of data formats including XML, JSON, CSV, TXT, HTML, Excel, PDF and more.

Got an important requirement to handle data in some format we don't already handle? Vibe's pluggable import/export architecture means we can develop a custom formatter modules at minimal cost and simply drop it into the system for you to start using in quick time.


  • Partners can be sent data from Vibe in virtually any format imaginable.
  • Data in a variety of industry standard formats can be imported directly into your system with no fuss.


Vibe can handle data feeds using a number of different communication mechanisms: Network File Copy (over your own local or wide area network), FTP (file transfer protocol via the Internet) or Email (send only).


  • Other systems within your business can be automatically kept up-to-date.
  • Partners and suppliers anywhere in the world can reliably send/receive the data that your businesses depend upon.

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