Vibe Front Desk


Vibe Front Desk provides all the key functions you need to support your rental depots.

  • Vehicle pickup
  • Vehicle return
  • Vehicle exchange
  • Incident tracking
  • Customer registration
  • End Of Day reporting
  • Other reservation change requests
  • Walk-up sales
  • Vehicle damage recording
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Cash receipts
  • Refunds

Key Features


With the increasing adoption of ‘User Pays’ pricing structures many businesses are introducing surcharges on transactions. From surcharges to recover credit-card merchant fees to surcharges for reservation changes, Vibe is able to support sophisticated surcharges. The Vibe Rules Engine, also means that these surcharges can be applied or waived using very sophisticated logic. For example, automatic waiving of a credit-card surcharges where full payment is made when confirming a booking.


  • Enhanced revenue opportunities.
  • Automatic application/waiver rules minimise lost revenue.


Vibe enables you to specify the payment rules you require on reservations. Vibe can cater for the simplest of rules (such as full prepayment required) right to complex structured payment rules where part payments are required by calculated deadlines (e.g. 50% by seven days prior to pickup with the balance due at pickup).

Vibe enforces these payment requirements and provides alerts and reports to allow follow-up of reservations. If configured Vibe will prevent confirmation or travel commencement where payment requirements applicable to that reservation have not been met. Vibe also provides for you to authorise relevant users to be able to override such checks so you can strike the right balance between customer service and debtor management.

Partner Statements produced by Vibe fully reflect the payment requirements in reporting current and overdue amounts, so staff undertaking debtor control functions are aware of the exact payment requirements for which a partner is contracted.


  • Improved cash collection at the front counter and through accounts receivable.
  • Greater flexibility to accommodate different payment arrangements to suit partner needs.
  • Improved ability to tighten and loosen cash collection arrangements to support special offers.


Vibe allows a single reservation to be split into multiple invoices so that different parties are obligated for different charge items. Vibe allows you to specify the contractual arrangements in place with your partners as to which charge items should appear on the partner invoice. Vibe will then automatically ensure that all other charges are collected from the customer. E.g. partner is to pay for hire and tax charges within 30 days after travel completion, with the customer paying all other charges at the time of pickup.

If you wish Vibe can also allow you to customise the charge obligations for an individual reservation. You determine the degree of flexibility each user should have in being able to customise the charge obligations.


  • Increased flexibility to accommodate different payment arrangements to suit partner and customer needs.
  • Automated enforcement of contractual agreements.


When making a new reservation Vibe uses a proprietary algorithm to attempt to identify whether this customer has dealt with us before. This enables us to build up an historical picture of repeat customers to whom we may wish to offer special discounts or target in future marketing campaigns.


  • Enables targeting of marketing campaigns to customers that are more likely to respond positively.
  • Improves customer service by enabling identification and rewarding of loyal customers


When proceeding through various workflows (such as Reservation or Rental Checkout), Vibe will insist that any payment requirements are met before allowing the process to continue. However, Vibe offers great flexibility in the way those payments are collected. Payments may be collected via linked EFTPOS terminal, automated payment gateway, manual card processing or cash (if permitted). You decide what payment methods are available to each user and at each location.

Unlike some systems, Vibe also has no problem with bill-splitting, multi-hire and part-payments.


  • Improved customer service through a broad set of payment options.
  • Accommodates the specialised payment needs for group travel, multi-hire and bill-splitting.


For suitably authorised users Vibe allows refund processing to proceed as a completely seamless single step process where the user requesting the refund can refund money directly to a customer’s credit card within the system (assumes integration of a suitably capable Payment Gateway).

However, Vibe also allows refunds to be processed in either a two-step or three-step process to aid in fraud prevention. In the two-step scenario, front line staff request refunds. An administrative user, who is not permitted to request refunds, is then responsible for approving and processing refunds. In the three-step scenario, responsibility for approving the refund and processing it are split between different staff.

Vibe administrators can customise authorisation levels as appropriate for the required level of fraud risk prevention.


  • Fraud risks surrounding refunds can be greatly reduced.
  • The level of protection can be customised to that required for the business.


Vibe's Depot ACtivity Dashboard ensures all staff within a depot can monitor progress and issues that occur throughout the day to ensure that front line operations run as smoothly as possible. Vibe updates the dashboard regularly to ensure that reservation and vehicle statuses reflect the latest information. Vibe also notifies and highlights changes (such as new reservations) that have occurred outside the branch, so for example, staff are aware of last-minute reservations for customers who've booked over the web. Other important items such as overdue vehicles are highlighted for appropriate action.


  • Depot managers can direct staff efforts more appropriately throughout the day.
  • Regional and head-office staff can monitor depot activity in real time.
  • High quality service can be provided to customers, regardless of how much lead-time there was for their booking.

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