Vibe Reservations


Vibe Reservations provides all the key functions you need to support your Reservations Call Centre.

  • Availability searches
  • Quotation requests
  • New reservations
  • Cancellations
  • Itinerary change requests
  • Product change requests
  • Other reservation change requests
  • Deposit collection
  • Quote and enquiry follow up
  • Rates and conditions overrides
  • Invoicing and confirmations
  • Automated discounting

Key Features


Making a sale can require staff and customers to understand a bewildering amount of information about vehicle types, operating hours, pickup/return restrictions, one-way restrictions, local holidays, rate plans and lots more. Vibe uses our proprietary Adaptive Catalogue that analyses all this data so that as you proceed through the booking process and provide information about your travel needs, Vibe shows you only the options that are valid. For example when booking a vehicle rental from a U.S.A. depot that is not operating on Independence Day, the drop down calendar will show that date as disabled.

This also applies when booking special promotions or movement specials so customers are only presented with valid options for that particular special.


  • Customers are not led down ‘dead-ends’ producing a more efficient and successful sales process.
  • Customers are guided to book within the restrictions you set.


If you make extensive use of Vibe’s capabilities to offer a number of rate plans and special promotions it can sometimes mean that a partner or customer may be presented with a number of possible rates for a single request. For some customers or new partners this might be too much information to cope with. In these scenarios you can utilise Vibe’s ‘Best-Buy’ capability to only show the lowest qualifying rate.


  • Provides customers with an assurance that you are offering them the lowest available rate in your system.
  • Avoids any confusion that can arise from aggressive marketing using special rate plans and discounts.


Vibe provides the ability to track multiple reservations such as group bookings or an itinerary of sequential reservations. Discounts and rates can also be varied or discounted based on the overall itinerary rather than the individual rentals.


  • Flexible and automatic pricing for multi-hires.
  • Maintains consistency of reservations in an itinerary.


Vibe enables you to specify the payment rules you require on reservations. Vibe can cater for the simplest of rules (such as full prepayment required) right to complex structured payment rules where part payments are required by calculated deadlines (e.g. 50% by seven days prior to pickup with the balance due at pickup).

Vibe enforces these payment requirements and provides alerts and reports to allow follow-up of reservations. If configured Vibe will prevent confirmation or travel commencement where payment requirements applicable to that reservation have not been met. Vibe also provides for you to authorise relevant users to be able to override such checks so you can strike the right balance between customer service and debtor management.

Partner Statements produced by Vibe fully reflect the payment requirements in reporting current and overdue amounts, so staff undertaking debtor control functions are aware of the exact payment requirements for which a partner is contracted.


  • Improved cash collection at the front counter and through accounts receivable.
  • Greater flexibility to accommodate different payment arrangements to suit partner needs.
  • Improved ability to tighten and loosen cash collection arrangements to support special offers.


Regardless of the channel through which reservations arrive (Vibe, Web or XML), Vibe has the ability to automatically process credit card payments in real-time. We can work with your existing payment gateway provider or we have modules that allow Vibe to work with a number of providers out of the box.


  • Improved cash flow and treasury management
  • Reduced fraud and bad debts
  • Improved efficiency for front-counter and reservations staff


When a Quote or Provision is saved Vibe assigns a date and time at which these requests will be automatically expired. However, you can configure Vibe to produce an automated email follow-up, prior to expiry, for either the partner or customer, so that they are reminded of the impending expiry.


  • Pricing and validity rules are properly enforced.
  • Inventory allocated to Provisions is freed for sale to other customers as soon as possible.
  • Improves the acceptance rates of Quotes and Provisions offered.


Some customers appreciate the opportunity to progress their reservation through an automated sales process. Regardless of how the original customer request (e.g. Quote or Provision) is created, Vibe can incorporate Self-Service Hyperlinks into the documents it produces. For example, in a Quote document or email produced out of Vibe you can incorporate a ‘Proceed with Reservation’ link. This enables the customer to click on this action and be taken directly to the Vibe B2C engine where they can utilise self-service screens to complete the reservation process. Currently such hyperlinks are available for Reservation Confirmation, Customer Preregistration, Payment Processing and Special Offers and the list is growing as customers increasingly become more familiar with self-service.


  • Where customers are happy to choose self-service options, staffing costs and customer wait times are reduced.
  • Greater flexibility for customers and partners to interact with the business.
  • Reduced data errors as customers and partners take responsibility for recording their own data.


Hot Deals are specials that are restricted to a certain number of vehicles. Hot Deals can also be restricted by pickup or return locations, vehicle type, pickup dates, bookings dates and so on. Hot Deals can also be directional to assist you in moving fleet from one set of locations to another (e.g. from East to West, or North to South). Vibe allows you to present a searchable list of Hot Deals for your customers to book instantly over the Web or for your Reservations staff to sell from your call centre. Vibe ensures that you sell no more than the number allocated regardless of the channel.


  • Encourages bookings to reduce capacity at depots with surplus vehicles.
  • Promote Hot Deals directly to targeted partners and customers with instant bookings.


Vibe can be configured to automatically offer alternative vehicles when availability is tight. This feature ensures that customers and novice reservations consultants are directed to closely matching vehicles and dates where fleet is available. Alternatives evaluated automatically can include differnet travel directions as well as suggested alterations to dates to avoid availability bottlenecks.


  • Reservations consultants can maximise sales opportunities.
  • Reduce the likelihood of prospective customers leaving without making a reservation.

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