Vibe XML


Vibe XML is built on Open Travel Alliance(OTA) Specifications which ensure traveler and supplier information flow smoothly throughout travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

Vibe XML is an integrated module that allows external systems or websites to communicate with Vibe by sending/receiving XML messages. Partners gain real-time access to Vibe pricing, availability and booking functions via their own systems.

By providing Vibe's XML capabilities to your partners you greatly increase your attractiveness to major tour operators and wholesalers who are increasingly insisting on the operational efficiencies delivered by interconnected systems.

Supported OTA messages include:

  • OTA_VehResRQ/RS: Create Quote (Guaranteed Price Only for a limited time) or Provisional (Guaranteed Price and Vehicle for a limited time) or Confirmed bookings.
  • OTA_VehModifyRQ/RS: Modify the itinerary or requested products of an existing Quote, Provisional or Confirmed booking.
  • OTA_VehCancelRQ/RS: Cancel an existing Quote, Provisional or Confirmed booking.
  • OTA_LocSearchRQ/RS: Find information for depots available for pickup/return of vehicles.
  • OTA_VehAvailRateRQ/RS: Pricing and options on vehicles available for rental.
  • OTA_PingRQ/RS: Verify systems are able to connect with one another. a single reservation or a list of reservation summaries.
  • OTA_VehRetResRQ/RS: Retrieve reservations using Vibe or partner reservation numbers or customer message retrieves a single reservation or a list of reservation summaries.

Example request message:

Example response message:

Key Features


By using OTA standard messages the ease with which partners can directly connect their system to your instance of Vibe is greatly increased. Many off-the-shelf systems used by travel agents and wholesalers can be connected with minimal programming effort at the partner end.


  • Development effort is greatly reduced for partners wishing to connect to your system online.
  • Industry standard messages mean you and your partners do not waste time 'reinventing the wheel'.


Vibe XML supports both SOAP and plain HTTP (REST) endpoints. This means partners can access inventory and pricing from virtually any other system platform over the internet.


  • Partners can choose the technology that best matches their system.
  • Development and implementation costs for online partners are reduced.


Changes to existing bookings can be previewed for evaluation purposes. Vibe ensures that the details of any price changes, transactions fees, penalties or discounts can be examined before proceeding with a modification or cancellation.


  • Partners and customers are always aware of the financial ramifications of their changes.
  • Present clear and simple pricing for customers.
  • Reduce the frequency of disputes arising from transaction fees and penalties.

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