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Platinum Ray was formed in 2006 to undertake development of a modern software suite for the travel industry. We brought together a team of people with the right balance of commercial, technical and industry experience because we wanted to create great software for an industry that for too long has not been well catered for.

All too often software for the travel industry is created without a clear and constant focus on the key drivers for the businesses served by that software. Too often we had encountered software that diverted management from Yield and Utilisation - the two key indicators which must be managed carefully and precisely by any travel or transport business. Too often these businesses were prevented from innovating by the software they used. Too often we had seen software that was built using techniques and technology that was antiquated and delivered results that might have been acceptable 20 years ago but were far from satisfactory in the internet age.

After several years in planning and development Vibe first went into production in early 2009. Since then Vibe has gone through continual enhancement and is now used by businesses all around the world including: car hire, motorhome rental, campervan hire, travel agents and wholesalers.

Our vision is to create and enhance a software suite that enables travel businesses to grow and adapt based on the needs of the market they are in, not the limitations of their software.

We have worked hard to get to where we are today and we will continue to work hard to ensure Vibe becomes an industry standard over the next decade.

Key Personnel

Our key personnel all have extensive experience in the travel and tourism sector and we believe this is what gives our company the edge in meeting the needs of such a challenging and rapidly evolving sector.


Phil cut his software development teeth in the banking and finance sector and then formed his own company in 1992 to focus on emerging IT issues for the travel and tourism sector. He has a long history of successful software development, that includes sophisticated fleet optimisation software and (pre-Internet) implementation of links between vendor/partner reservation systems.

Email: phil@platinumray.com

Special expertise: System architecture, web services.


Michael started working in IT in the Irish public service in the early 1980s where he was involved in developing a national hospital stay information system. After moving to Australia in 1990 Michael worked in a number of IT roles before joining a recreational vehicle hire company in 1994. There he worked on the development, enhancement and maintenance of a number of systems including reservations, fleet management and vehicle scheduling systems.

Email: michael@platinumray.com

Special expertise: Data analysis, optimisation.


Ravi has now been working in the IT industry for more than fifteen years. He has worked as an ERP consultant, implementing and customising software such as Mfgpro and SAP, specialising in Distribution, Capacity Resource Planning (CRP) and Manufacturing (MRP & MRP II). More recently he has led design, development and enhancement of reservation software in the travel industry.

Email: ravi@platinumray.com

Special expertise: Database design and management, reporting tools.

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