Official Vibe Launch 1 October 2012


Platinum Ray Pty Ltd today announced that the official launch of ‘Vibe’, a software suite for vehicle rentals, boat charter companies and travel distributors will be officially launched in Melbourne on 1 October 2012.

Vibe comes in 10 different modules which can be assembled to meet the needs of a number of different business models ranging from travel agents and wholesalers, to tour operators and vehicle rental companies.

“Much of the software currently used by our target customers was developed a decade or two ago. While a lot of businesses may be scraping by with that technology, Vibe will offer them a software platform that has been designed from the ground up to exploit many of the opportunities the internet is presenting. Thanks to its modular architecture, Vibe allows customers to get the latest technology but only pay for the modules they need.” said Chief Architect, Phil Degenhardt.

The software includes modules such as Reservations, Front Desk and Fleet Management as well as modules that provide web and XML web services..

The software also has a module that integrates the Dynamic Vehicle Availability and Scheduling System (DVASS) developed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency. The component applies advanced mathematics and operations research techniques to maximise utilisation of a vehicle fleet while minimising costs.

“We have worked with CSIRO for over a decade now. They have developed a black box that can revolutionise the way rental companies utilise their fleet. Unfortunately, to date, businesses needed to have significant in-house IT expertise to integrate the black box into their systems. It is very gratifying, after many years of hard work, to have a commercial product that has a module that puts this amazing technology within the grasp of our customers.” he said.

The release of Vibe comes after three years of initial planning and development, followed by a further two years of enhancement at initial customer sites. After initial implementation with Apollo Motorhomes Holidays in Australia, Vibe is now in use across USA, New Zealand and Australia.

As part of the commercial launch Platinum Ray announced that introductory offers will be available for early adopters who sign up before 1 April 2013.

Detailed product information is available at http://www.platinumray.com/vibe.


Note: Platinum Ray Pty Ltd is an Australian company that was formed in 2006 to develop a new platform of travel industry software products to leverage the many opportunities emerging as the travel sector is revolutionised by the internet.

For further information contact:

Platinum Ray Pty Ltd
Michael Moran
Chief Operating Officer
+61 3 9390 2802

Apollo Motorhome Holidays Pty Ltd
Luke Trouchet
Chief Executive Officer
+61 7 3265 9200

CSIRO Mathematics, Information and Statistics
Andreas Ernst
Group Leader, Modelling, Optimisation and Simulation Group
+61 3 9545 8044



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